Charlotte Campus
5301 Sardis Road
Charlotte, NC 28270
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Lake Park Campus
3624 Lake Park Road
Indian Trail (Lake Park),
NC 28079
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Wilmington Campus
3801 Wilshire Blvd
Wilmington, NC 28403
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Curriculum / Programs

Our curriculum consists of age-appropriate materials. Through the use of weekly themes which can involve Bible stories, crafts, hands-on activities, whole-group instruction, literacy and other educational tools our curriculum promotes cognitive and emotional development. We strive to provide a warm, welcoming environment that not only educates the child but ministers to him/her as well.

• Infants

• Toddlers

• 2's Curriculum

• 3's Curriculum

• 4's Curriculum 

• Transitional Kindergarten

• Enrichment Programs

• Extended-day Program



Infants can begin attending at three months of age. The school day in this classroom is designed around the infant's schedule, including feeding and nap time. Mothers are welcome to stop in and nurse, either at the beginning or end, even during the school day. The room is furnished and set up specifically for these youngest students and they are cared for meticulously by our teachers.

Our older infants room is for those who are now on the move. These infants can sit up independently and eat solid foods. This classroom provides a bright, spacious area where they can crawl and play safely. The school day is centered on the infant's schedule, including feeding and nap time.


At this stage children are beginning to explore the world on their own. Through each part of their day the toddler is learning and experiencing something new. Our curriculum focuses on interaction between toddlers and their teachers. Toddlers can develop close bonds with their caregivers and will venture out on their own to explore when they feel safe and comfortable. Age-appropriate curriculum is important as these small students begin their preschool journey. Through songs, stories and exploration the toddler curriculum builds a safe, nurturing and inspiring environment.


2's Curriculum

The typical two-year-old loves to play and explore. They are learning about their world through lots of imaginative play. They are working on building social skills, gaining a bit more independence and refining their motor skills. At this stage academic basics are introduced: colors, shapes, numbers, etc. Through crafts, songs and lots of imaginative play and exploration two-year-olds at Central Weekday Preschool have busy days. Simple Bible stories are also introduced as we share God's love.


3's Curriculum

Three-year-olds become official members of the "Investigator's Club." The Investigator's Club is a curriculum that focuses on topics such as alphabet readiness, numbers, shapes, math and literacy. Three-year-olds attend enrichment programs each week: children's gymnastics, art, music and chapel. They are growing more independent and want to explore and test things for themselves. Our curriculum provides lots of hands-on centers where children learn by doing.


4's Curriculum

A four-year-old is completing their preschool journey on their way to kindergarten. While reviewing academic concepts necessary for their next step the four-year-old also continues to build social skills and independence. Each week they attend enrichment programs, such as children's gymnastics, art, music and chapel. While providing encouragement and instruction, teachers involve students through circle time discussion and hands-on centers.


Transitional Kindergarten

Our Transitional kindergarten (TK) program provides a structured school day in which some academic concepts are revisited, while new ones are introduced. The TK curriculum incorporates beginner-reading skills, writing, counting, simple math concepts and problem solving. The classroom environment involves whole-group instruction as well as one-on-one time. TK students attend weekly enrichment programs such as children's gymnastics, art, music and chapel. It is our hope that at the end the TK school year your child will be ahead as he or she begins their formal education.


Enrichment Classes

Learning can be educational, academic and Fun! During the week we have classes that allow children to learn through hands-on exploring.

On Mondays our three-year-olds, four-year-olds and transitional kindergarten children go to Spanish class. The Maestra will greet each child with buenos dias and will direct them to siento te en el circulo (sit in the circle). The children will begin with singing and an activity that will introduce the lesson of the day. The Maestra will also read a story, have art and end their time together with adios.

On Tuesdays all children that are steady walkers will get to experience Traveling Tumblebugs, which is a well-rounded gymnastics program for preschoolers. It teaches basic tumbling and gymnastic skills. It helps the young child develop upper body strength, flexibility, motor coordination and listening skills. Most importantly it is fun!

On Wednesdays Bible and music are taught. Children will be shown instruments, learn music theory, and experience the love of Jesus through puppet shows and interactive Bible stories.

Thursdays we have art. Art class is for threes, fours, and transitional kindergarten children. This is a fun time for children to get messy. They will learn about colors, different artists and enjoy being creative.

Extended-day Program

• An affordable daycare option.
• A five-day program, 7am-6pm.
• State licensed daycare.