Sept. 11, 2022 Message Russian

"He Already Found Your Donkeys"

September 11, 2022

Pastor Loran Livingston

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The spiritual life is full of all-or-nothing moments, says Dr. Paul Conn. God brings you to a threshold and your convicting spirit must make a defining decision. Will YOU open the door now, or say, "almost"?

October 2, 2022 Message Russian

Guest Speaker Dr. Paul Conn

Dr. Randall Smith says there are three things that steal our attention from remembering the Hope we have in Heaven.

Sept. 25, 2022 Message Russian

Dr. Randall Smith
"Renewing The Hope"

Pastor Livingston reminds us that God's Word is the only Truth there is — anything else is tainted by man's bias or the antichrist's deception. To be ready for eternity, we must live in the Word God has given us.

September 18, 2022 Message Russian

Pastor Loran Livingston
"Only One Truth"

"Song of Grace"
"Hear My Cry"
"Endless Praise"
"Lord I Believe In You"
"Nobody Greater"

September 18, 2022 Music Russian

Sanctuary Choir & Orchestra