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Homeschool Co-Op 2022

Next session begins Tues., Jan. 4, 2022
Lake Park Campus
3624 Lake Park Road, Indian Trail, NC  28079
Registration ends Dec. 31

Central Homeschool Co-op has an exciting announcement: We're officially moving to Central Church at Lake Park in January! Lake Park has wonderful amenities including a fenced in playground, library, eating area, and gym. And we will have much more classroom space. 

Because of our new, expanded location, we are able to reopen registration for additional families and now offer a la carte classes for the spring semester.  See tuition chart below, and please note: the registration fee of $50 per family and supply fee of $25 per child is due whether you register by tuition block or a la carte.

Registration Fee: $50 per family
Supply fee: $25 per child

Spring 2022 Tuition 

Elementary: $250
Middle School: $275
High School: $300

IF you wish to purchase the classes a la carte for Blocks 1-3, the price is $175 per class. Please contact [email protected] to register for these classes.

Elementary class options (choose one from the following options)

  • Block 1: Science or Spanish
  • Block 2: K-2 Literacy/3-5 Creative Writing
  • Block 3: Art or Karate 

Middle school class options (choose one from the following options)

  • Block 1: Creative Writing or Life Skills
  • Block 2: General Science, PE (additional fee) or Study Hall
  • Block 3: Applied Christianity, PE (additional fee) or Study Hall 

High school class options (choose one from the following options)

  • Block 1: Conversational Spanish or Life Skills
  • Block 2: Biology Lab (at capacity), Study Hall or PE Volunteer
  • Block 3: Applied Christianity, Study Hall 

Electives (Optional)

Elective class choices  are separate from full tuition. You may choose to enroll only in electives if you wish. 

For more information, contact [email protected].

You can register and pay fees below, except for a la cart classes: a small processing fee will be included. 

Tuesday, January 4, 2022 - 10:00 am - 3:30 pm