Sunday Morning Life Groups

Life Groups
Online Open House
January 2021

OOH! We're having an Online Open House - and you're invited!

Sunday Life Groups have taken on a new look this past year. We still need to connect with other believers, but what's the best way to do that given the current circumstances? 

If you have never been a part of a Sunday school group at Central, now is the perfect time to try them as they meet online.  You can meet new friends, virtually. You can be a part of fun and enriching conversations. And after all, that's what church is - not a building, but a body of believers. Don't just sit at home feeling isolated - log on to meet some friendly faces!

Classes cover a variety of topics, and groups meet at 8:30 or 10:30am.  Below is a list of ongoing weekly life groups - several with new studies starting up. To get plugged in, email [email protected] for sign up information and instructions. These groups would love for you to stop by – virtually, of course - to meet new people. Grab your Bible and coffee, and join us! 

• Contagious Christianity, 8:30am
Find fellowship, encouragement, Bible study and prayer with this group, as you develop a faith that others will want to know about!

• Good2Great Marriages, 10:30am
Our new topic in January is "TOGETHERNESS." We use training, modeling, mentoring and couples’ fellowship to serve, encourage and equip those who are married or are preparing for marriage. The focus is on building and maintaining healthy strong marriages that honor the Lord.

• Cover to Cover, 10:30am
This group is  comprised of all ages, and both marrieds and singles, studying the Bible from cover to cover, verse by verse. 

• Encouraging Word, 10:30am*
The focus of this class is to bring people into a relationship with the family of God for the purpose of learning to live a disciplined Christian life. The heart of the class is a lively verse by verse study of God’s Word and great discussion on how to apply it in our daily lives.  

Foundational Themes of the Bible, 10:30am
This is a diverse group of believers who come together to study God’s Word in depth. The goals is to be a people approved by God who are not ashamed, and to grow together in Christ 

 In His Likeness, 10:30am
The prayer of this group is to learn how to let the light of Christ shine through them in every situation, and that God will use them during these troubled times to draw others to the cross of Christ.  

Family Matters, 10:30am
Need practical, biblical guidance for marriage and raising kids? Want to join a new life group with like-minded people? This Sunday Life Group is designed for parents of children in elementary through high school. A new study, “Sacred Parenting” starts Jan. 24. 

• Living the Word, 10:30am
Each weekly lesson is designed for your growth in God’s Word, and applying it to your life. 

• Prism (Adults over 50), 10:30am 
Join us if you are looking to make lasting friendships and apply God’s truths every day, as we study the life of Christ. 

*NOTE: All groups are using the Zoom platform for meeting online, except “Encouraging Word,” which meets on Facebook Live.

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