Marriage Mentoring

Q. What is Marriage Mentoring?

A. When an established, experienced couple purposefully invests in another married couple, helping that couple effectively navigate a journey that the first couple has already taken.

What does marriage mentoring do?
+ Wakes up marriages
+ lowers divorce rates
+ helps make a good marriage great

Do you need a marriage mentor? Ask yourself these questions:
+ Are you newly married?
Mentoring is ideal for those who are newly married. 
+ Is your marriage in need of repair?
Couples in crisis and even teetering on divorce need help.
+ Do you want to maximize your marriage?
Marriages that are doing well need mentors, too. Couples doing well have the potential of doing great.

For more information on Marriage Mentoring, contact [email protected].  
* If you are engaged or considering marriage and would like premarital counseling, please fill out a Wedding Request Form and check the box next to "Premarital Counseling Only."