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Sunday Morning Life Groups

It’s easy to sometimes feel lost or disconnected in a large church. Are you ready to change that? Sunday Morning Life Groups offer myriad opportunities for people to make new friends, build community and, of course, grow in Christ. Peruse the list of Sunday Morning Life Groups and choose the best fit for you in this season of life.

See the ongoing SMLG opportunities listed below or email Lisa for more information.


Contagious Christianity • 8:30 | FLC 101

Find fellowship, encouragement, Bible study and prayer in this class. Once a quarter we meet for fellowship outside of class. We also have small groups that meet once a month on a Friday or Saturday. Leaders: Tim & Nancy Kaufman

In His Likeness • 8:30 | FLC 108

Our prayer is that we learn how to let the light of Christ shine through us in every situation and that God will use us during these troubled times to draw others to the cross of Christ. Leaders: Samuel & Johnnie Mae Jones 

Real Life • 10:15 | FLC 107

The Real Life Group is a circle for ALL 25 to 30 year olds (single, married, committed relationship, engaged) who want to develop authentic Christ-centered relationships. Join us and draw closer to the Lord with peers through Bible study, fellowship, and, yes, food. This is sure to be an exciting endeavor! 

A Word in Due Season • 10:15 | FLC 101

A practical, in-depth study of the Word with a family of believers who encourage one another with prayer, testimonies and friendship, and who have a heart for missions. Leaders: Norris & Barbara Link

Cover to Cover • 10:15 | FLC 205/206

We are a class comprised of all ages, and both marrieds and singles, studying the Bible from cover to cover, verse by verse. Leaders: Miley & Janice Parrish

Defending Your Faith • 10:15 | FLC 105

This class is a small, genuine group of people that support and love each other in learning to be like Jesus. We alternate in-depth Bible study with other subjects that range from improving your marriage to answering skeptical questions about the faith. You will be amazed at how much you learn in this class and how much your faith grows as part of a group that has a lot of discussion each week and knows how to get real. The class has couples and singles. Most members are in their 40s, 50s or 60s, but all ages are welcome. Leaders: Dave & Adina Hoshour

Disciples Under Construction • 10:15 | FLC 201/202

A discussion-oriented, diverse group of caring people would love for you to join their Bible study "family." Leaders: David & Lisa Wooten

Encouraging Word • 10:15am | FLC 103

The focus of this class is to bring people into a relationship with the family of God for the purpose of learning to live a disciplined Christian life. The heart of the class is a lively verse by verse study of God’s Word and great discussion on how to apply it in our daily lives. We also meet outside of class on a regular basis for social events. Leaders: David & Terry Bilotta

Foundational Themes • 10:15 | FLC 106

We are a widely diverse group of believers who have come together to study God’s Word in depth to show ourselves approved unto God as people who are not ashamed, and to grow together in Christ while demonstrating that life is truly better togetherLeader: Dan Busey

In His Words • 10:15 | FLC 104

Who is Jesus? Why did He come to earth? What does He expect His followers to do? Join us as we search for answers to these questions with the very words of Jesus. Informative, challenging, and encouraging, this class is designed help you become better acquainted with the key figure of all human history – Jesus. Leaders: Mark & Tracy Deal

Living The Word • 10:15 | FLC 109

Each weekly lesson has been designed for your growth in God’s Word. We will be reading and discussing the Bible in its original order, beginning with the New Testament. Leaders: Glenn & Linda McCall

Good2Great Couples • 10:15 | FLC 102

Join us as we build and maintain healthy and strong marriages that honor the Lord. We use training, modeling, mentoring and couples’ fellowship to serve, encourage and equip those who are married or are preparing for marriage. We're moving from good marriages to GREAT marriages.

Prism • 10:15 | FLC Seminar Room

This class is recommended for adults over 50. Many share meals together after class and meet for fellowship outside of class. Join us if you are looking to make lasting friendships and apply God’s truths in your everyday life as we study the life of Christ. Leader: David Douglas

One With Christ (singles) • 10:15 | FLC 108

Yes, there IS a Sunday morning Life Group for people whose lives aren’t defined by the title, “Single!" It’s challenging. It’s interactive. It’s fun. It’s for single adults in their 30s and lower to mid-40s. Come grow in relationship with Christ, and with one another, through weekly discussions in God’s Word about various "real-life" topics. Leader: Nolan Lord

Disciples on a Mission | Lake Park Room 3

This adult class is led by Hans Joubert and held in Room 115.