We daily lift up requests to the Lord, asking Him to meet the needs of others and ourselves. He is working for us every minute of the day. Be encouraged by these who have shared their story of God's grace and provision. If you have an answer to prayer or a special story that the Lord has written in your life, please let us know by emailing JaredT@centralnc.org.


Growing up a pastor’s son in a very traditional church, Josh came to know Christ at a young age. But like many others raised in Christian homes, Josh strayed from the Lord for a season.



As he held his daughter in his arms, Tom knew that she was in the arms of Jesus.


When Jeri found a small but growing lump behind her ear she heard a still small voice say, "trust Me."


Having grown up in a strict Christian home Ashley decided to venture out on her own.   God's loving hand guided her steps back to Him.


Chase's sports career rose to the top but he was just going through the motions.


Born into a Christian home in a village in India John was given a heart of worship.


A year after his grandmother's passing civil war broke out in Libera leaving Charles alone and depressed.


Donna and Julia find that life is better together by being in fellowship and the safety of a church body.