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God understand and surrounds me.

Pause #43

Pastor Loran Livingston

May 18, 2020 Monday Night Prayer

Pastor Loran Livingston

Our feelings confuse us, says Pastor Livingston. To combat fear and frustration, we need to consistently read God's Word, which tells us that He is our strength.

May 17, 2020

His Word
Pastor Loran Livingston

I'll Sing of Your Love
He is High and Lifted Up
Need You Now
King of the World
All My Hope

May 17, 2020 Music

Sanctuary Choir & Orchestra

God is in the interruptions of life.

Pause #42

Pastor Loran Livingston

Givers are the most fulfilled.

Pause #41

Pastor Loran Livingston

If you want a big account in heaven, get busy and bless somebody.

Pause #40

Pastor Loran Livingston

You never come to God without a sacrifice. When we come to Him we are coming with something.

Pause #39

Pastor Loran Livingston

Frustrated? There's a way out.

Pause #38

Pastor Loran Livingston

May 11, 2020 Monday Night Prayer

Pastor Loran Livingston

Pastor Livingston reminds us that the Lord is coming, and things on earth will only get worse. Being a child of God and keeping your mind on Him is the only way to distinguish lies from truth.

May 10, 2020 Message

Pastor Loran Livingston

"Yes I Will"
"Made a Way"
"Jesus I Love You"
"Nobody Greater"

May 10, 2020 Music

Sanctuary Choir and Orchestra



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