Celebrate Recovery

Do you ever stay up late when you know you need sleep? Do you ever eat or drink more calories than your body needs? Do you ever know the right thing to do, but don't do it? If you answered YES to any of these questions, CR is for YOU! Celebrate Recovery is a biblically-balanced approach to repentance and recovery. The goal of Celebrate Recovery is to teach us to make healing choices that will help us become Christ-like in character.

When & Where

Weekly Celebrate Recovery meetings are held on Wednesday nights from 6:30-8:30pm in the Family Life Center. No registration is required to attend or to take advantage of Wednesday night childcare. Before the CR service, you can enjoy a light meal, sweet treats or coffee at Coffee Central, which opens at 5:30pm.

To volunteer with Celebrate Recovery, please sign up at a CR Service.

What You Can Expect 

  • Congregation group setting
  • Praise and worship
  • Teachings
  • Testimonies
  • Small group breakout sessions
  • Refreshments and fellowship

For more information

Call 704-944-1318.

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If you'd like to get involved with Celebrate Recovery, please sign up at our Wednesday evening services.