Ask Pastor

Below find some questions answered by Pastor Livingston providing additional details on sermon points, as well as other questions. 

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Hebrews 6:4

Hebrews 6:4-6 causes me to have doubts about eternal salvation. Can you help me by explaining this passage and others?

Attend or Internet Church?

We get fed more by listening to you online and are always empty when we attend local church. Is this wrong? We love God, just not today's church.

Church Volunteers & Alcohol

What would your stance be on volunteer leaders in the church drinking alcohol in moderation?

Is divorce biblically accepted?

The question was asked: Pastor, you stated that divorce is never acceptable under any circumstances. What would you say to spouses who have physically abusive partners, or to those in marriages where one spouse is abusing a child in the home? Would divorce still not be an option?

Once Saved Always Saved? #2

Cn you help me with explaining that you cannot "get saved" and proceed to live sinfully and still get to heaven?

What is upper Hades like?

Is there any biblical reference as to what upper Hades was like?

How Do I End My Marriage?

How does a spouse end a marriage where there has been adultery and abandonment?

I don't feel like God is listening.

The question was asked:
When you don't feel like God is listening to your prayers, can you please suggest some Bible passages to help me understand that He is?

Romans 7

Romans 7:9 talks about being alive apart from the law, and when the commandment came, sin became alive and I (Paul) died. But sin existed before the commandments were given, so why would Paul say this?

A Holy Life

It sounds as if you're saying a Christian does not even need to attempt to live a holy and pleasing life for the Lord, since any effort is futile or works-based. Can you explain how that aligns with Romans 6:1-2?

Rich = Sin?

When you say that desire to be rich is a sin, are you saying that that desire cannot be from God? What if I am called to be a good Samaritan?

The Spirit of Jesus

Where did the Spirit of Jesus go when He died on the cross? He told the criminal, "Today you will be with Me in Paradise."

What About Gay People?

My 12-year-old daughter asked me if all gay people go to hell. How would you have answered?

Stuck in Religion?

I have a relative who believes God may or may not forgive her if she breaks the Sabbath. How can I present the Word to help?

Workers of Iniquity

Psalm 5:5 says God hates workers of iniquity. Please explain this.

Once Saved?

I was raised Baptist and never believed the teaching "Once saved, always saved." Can you help me with this struggle?