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theExchange is an innovative group of like-minded individuals that enjoy sharing experiences, ideas, and using their talents to glorify God, impact community, and change the world.

theExchange is designed to bring about connection for our singles community at Central to ensure everyone is able to grow spiritually, volunteer and serve, discover missions opportunities, and enjoy amazing events that provide memorable and life-changing experiences.

theExchange is a fun and inviting way for you to meet new people, find new friends, and discover the amazing life that God has called you to live. If you are single theExchange is for you – regardless of your age or parental status! We have lots of activities, so bring a friend, a coworker, or a family member to experience Christ’s love and a meaningful way for singles to be connected.


Please subscribe to our monthly newsletter called The Market to discover what’s happening in the ministry and for events near you. Email to be added to the newsletter distribution.

Come and enjoy our upcoming activities and events! If we have anything going on, you’ll find them under “What’s Happening” on our website.

Discover fun and unique ways to serve at Central and within our community.

Would you like to serve on our committee board to help make theExchange an amazing ministry? We always can use help, new leadership, and lots of great ideas.

Contact theExchange for more details:

Ever desire to serve abroad doing missions work? theExchange has a missions opportunity for singles.
Click here to find out more about these opportunities.

Join us for a fun and challenging experience in discipleship with the “One with Christ” class on Sunday mornings in the Family Life Center room 108 at 10:15 a.m. This class provides a variety of study topics and discusses real life issues. Learn, grow, and share in all that God is doing in us and through His Word.
Class Instructor, Nolan Lord

Connect With Us
Facebook: The Exchange at Central Church
Twitter: @xchangeatctrl
Instagram: the_exchange_at_ctrl

“I look forward to going to every week. The friendships I have made are amazing. We have a caring, core group of people that attend on a regular basis. They really do care about you. I have found that you only get out of a class as much as you give back, and singles need other singles for support. This is a really fun class and serious class all in one.”
– Rocky

“Life is, indeed, better together. Sharing the peaks and valleys of my Christian experience with Central Church’s One With Christ family – yes, they are my family – has enhanced my journey in faith in every way. This singles’ ministry isn’t about enduring life alone; rather, it’s about embracing life fully while growing spiritually, being emboldened by God’s truth and connecting through friendship and fellowship with others walking in your shoes.”
– Rana

 “This class has truly been a vessel used by Christ to change my life. I walked in as a woman lost and confused about how to live a full and happy life. I was taught to look to God to be my provider, my protector, and the head of a household where I am a single mother. On the first day, I surely felt the presence of the Lord meeting me there.”
– Fallon

“Nolan is a great teacher who prepares his lessons to speak to the heart of a single person even though the studies are not necessarily about singleness. He is open about his feelings and life circumstances which invite us to be open and honest, as well. Since Central Church is such a big church, I would have felt disconnected unless I had joined the singles class. We laugh a lot in class and we also meet outside of the classroom. The group helps me and prays for me, and I do the same in return. We communicate through Facebook, email, or by phone. Nolan is open to new ideas and does everything in his power to carry them out. The singles class rocks!”
– Kurma